Whether you have always been dreaming of having long locks or just want a change of look, Hair extensions are the quick fix to your problems. Growing long locks is a matter of time and patience but now you can have them without that entire wait through clip in hair extensions.

Why hair extensions?

Hair extensions help women get a brand new look without them waiting for months or cutting their hair. Want long smooth flowing hair to match that perfect evening gown you have, no problem. With hair extensions you can try new hair styles on a regular basis. So try a new look with our hair extensions available in different lengths and colours to suit your hair texture and style.

Lavadene hair extensions is a one stop shop to get quality affordable clip in hair extensions in Australia. Lavadene has a range of colours and styles to choose from and all hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. You can colour and style these as you like just like your natural hair. You can wash , curl or iron these as well.

How to choose your perfect hair extension?

Following pointers will help you buy your perfect hair extensions:

•    Real or fake - Decide upon whether you want to go for the artificial synthetic hair extension or real human hair extensions. While the human hair extensions are more expensive, they last longer, look natural and can be styled like your real hair.

•    Decide upon what kind of look you want to achieve and what is the length of the hair extension required for this purpose.

•    Know your texture- Choose a hair extension which goes well with your natural hair. Wearing straight extensions with curly hair and vice versa is not a great idea.

•    Hair colour- It is a good idea to buy the extensions that match your natural hair colour so that it mixes well and can’t be distinguished. However, you can always colour it the way you want.

•    Always buy your extensions from reliable sources so that you get high quality material that lasts longer.

Lavadene is a trusted and leading brand of hair extensions in Australia. It provides 100% original Remy human hair extensions in various textures and colours. You are sure to find a good match for yourself with the help of Lavadene’s free consultation service.