Do You Desperately Want to Put a Tinge of Glamour to Your Hair?

If yes, Hair Extensions can save the day for you. With the extensions, you can proudly flaunt long and beautiful hair that you always desired. Hair extensions are used along with the natural hair to give it a better, richer and realistic look. Hair extensions come in either natural or artificial/synthetic form. They are available in a range of colours, textures and quality. Techniques like bonding and sealing, weaving, microbead, netting, fusion, clip on, infusion, micro rings, lace fronts and tracking are used to add the extensions to your natural hair. 

Hair Anatomy Made Easy

Hair extensions are made from natural human hair or synthetic hair. The variety using natural hair is considered better. For this, human hair is collected, i.e. hair is collected from donors. This is used for creating the best of hair extensions, ensuring hygiene and an absolutely natural look. Please read ahead to understand the various types of hair extensions, made from natural and synthetic hair and understand which option is the most relevant for your use.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions differ in their usage. Few types of hair extensions include weave hair extensions, weft hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tape hair extensions, and microbead hair extensions.

Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions are designed to make one's hair look longer and thicker. Available in straight, curly and wavy form, the wefts can be glued or attached with the existing natural hair. Weft hair is also called Curtain hair due to its curtain like appearance.

Clip-in Hair Extension

The Clip-ins give you the freedom to put on and take off the extensions whenever you wish to. With this extension, you can add volume and length to your existing hair, without dedicating a lot of time at a salon. It can also be dyed, straightened and curled according to your needs.




Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair extensions are semi-permanent extension that are easier to fit in with your natural hair. Double-sided tapes are used to attach the hair extensions, with each extension attached to the other to keep it together. Unlike permanent hair extensions that are glued to your scalp, tape hair extensions are attached on the sides of your head, close to the scalp. With proper application and care, it can be used multiple times.

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