Hair Extensions present a slightly more technical option in the niche of beauty or cosmetic solutions. Using hair extensions is rather common. When done correctly, it can enhance your personality. Globally popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Beyoncé have strutted their tresses at red carpet events where hair extensions have added to their personal.

Hair extensions are often about wanting to look more glamorous, seldom used for non-cosmetic purposes. One, immediate example of therapeutic use of hair extensions that comes to mind is that of patients having undergone chemotherapy and lost most of their natural hair. Here, hair extensions have a more therapeutic and camouflaging role. The marketplace offers a wide range of hair extensions. Among these, Tape-in extensions seem to be the most preferred choice. However, buying a hair extension isn't as easy as it seems.

In this discussion, we share some insights about interesting hair extension facts, putting the spotlight on tape hair extensions:

Human Hair Tape Extensions don't look fake as they are thin and smooth to touch – this works to your advantage, real-like hair, perfectly concealing the use of hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions are more undetectable, the best among discreet hair extensions.

Unlike Glue-ins extensions that often loosen, Tape extensions require no chemicals to be secured in their place – no adhesives also means minimal chances of any unwarranted allergic reaction.

Tape Hair Extensions are easy to use – they get easily sandwiched between original hair and within a couple of sessions at a neighbourhood salon, you understand how to use them.

Tape-in extensions can be worn without worrying about your immediate environment – for instance, when working out at the gym, you don’t need to worry about sweating hard leading to damage to the hair extensions.

Longer lifecycle – the best of tape hair extensions can be used thrice. Resistant to water and exposure to sunlight, taped in hair extensions are the best hair extension option money can buy.

Cost effective – choose tape-in hair extensions when you want a blend of affordability and performance.

Inherently durable – tape-in hair extensions are safe to wash or brow dry apart from curling, scrunching or braiding.

In terms of overall maintenance, tape-in hair extensions are not demanding. They need regular but minimal caring. You need to be familiar with the basics of managing tape-in hair extensions. It is better to get the tape-in hair extensions via a professional salon service. Seasoned hair stylists and hair extension technicians also provide useful tips to manage hair extensions. This is invaluable information that you will not find on the web or in books.

Salon hair styling professionals are the best bet to understand how to prevent chances of twisting or tangling hair extensions. Lavadene is one such hair extensions specialist where you get the entire array of hair extensions made from real human hair. These specialists have been in the hair styling and extension business for more than 10 years in Sydney, Australia.