Locks are a precious aspect of one's appearance. A new haircut can alter the look of a person altogether. It can make her look smart, edgy or shabby. Young people who bald prematurely become super conscious and touchy about their receding hairline and are willing to try anything to get their hair back. Little wonder then that Hair Extensions should become a hit amongst the people looking for a solution to their hair woes. Before we delve any further, let us first find out what a Hair Extension is and how you can choose the best type of hair extension for your hair problem.

Know Your Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are strips of hair—human hair or synthetic hair, attached to the scalp to give your scalp a fuller, more fashionable look. Hair extensions come in assorted sizes, styles, colors, and textures to suit your needs. Some hair extensions are easy on your wallet whereas some are highly priced. Hair extensions are primarily of two varieties. This classification is based on the material used to create the hair extension. Lets get to know them right here.

Basics of Human Hair Extensions
They are real human hair and are easily able to withstand heat. Hence, these hair extensions can be styled in numerous ways. They are available as glue-ins, clip-ins, and even integration types. They are costlier than the synthetic ones.

Artificial Hair Extensions
They are made of synthetic materials that cannot withstand heat. Styling them like human hair is ruled out. They also come in various types of installations, like glue-ins, clip-ins etc.

Types of Hair Extensions:

You can choose from a wide array of styles to get the kind of style you are looking for. Hair extensions are essentially of 4 types:

They are the easiest to wear of the lot and hence, are the most popular option among girls. They attach to the root of the hair via a clip. They come in various colors, lengths and textures. They are suitable for those looking for a temporary change of hairstyle.

Weave-ins are meant for people looking for longer lasting hairstyle. They require professional help, preferably a stylist to weave them into cornrows on the woman's scalp.

They are akin to a wig but with a twist. The hair consists of a nylon web with many hair extensions attached to it. The nylon web is fitted over the scalp and the natural hair is pulled through tiny holes in the web, allowing the hair extension and natural hair to blend seamlessly.

Bonding Hair Extensions
Here, hair extensions are glued onto the scalp using bonding glue.


Maintenance issues: Do's & Don'ts

Hair extensions require some care for optimal styling and the overall maintenance. If you care about your mane, you should follow the tips listed below:

Don't wash your hair until 48 hours after the extensions have been installed.
Use only good quality shampoos and hair conditioner that contain no sulfur and alcohol as they break down the bond faster.
Do not wash hair upside down
Do not scrub hair aggressively
Before sleep, braid your hair into two to avoid tangling or matting at the roots
Avoid chlorine or salt water


Hair Extensions: are they just a fashion fad?

Most women resort to hair extensions these days for different reasons. Fashion is the reason behind most youngsters going for it. When they get bored of their hairstyle, they can shake things up a little bit by incorporating colorful hair extensions that give them a chic look. Most women are skeptical to color their hair with chemicals that can have an adverse effect on the hair in the longer run.

With hair extensions, this concern is put to rest, as hair extensions do not spoil the hair—they only enhance your overall look. Many girls with sparse hair make use of hair extensions to give it some volume. Hair extension is again used by many with medical conditions such as cancer and other diseases that cause hair loss. Use of these extensions makes the hair appear fuller. Extensions can hide bald spots without any hassles. The best thing about hair extensions is that they are pain-free and easy to put on!