If you aspire to have thick, long and beautiful hair but lack in natural hair volume and density, then Hair Extensions is the perfect solution for you. Hair extensions are an easy and comfortable way to add volume and length to any type of hair and do not involve any medical treatment. It provides a fuller and voluminous look to your hair and can also be used for styling. This method is preferred over any other method because it does not involve any medical procedure or intake of medicines that can have a side effect on your body.
Understanding Choices in Hair Extensions

There are various types of hair extensions available nowadays and the most popular are sew-in, fusion, micro-ring, clip-in and microbead hair extensions. Different types of hair extensions are suitable for different types of hair and serve different purposes. All of these hair extensions take different time for fixation which can depend on the type of attachment they use. While some get picked up for their affordability, many types of hair extensions can be chosen for their relevance or requirement.

 Change Look Through Hair Extensions
Why Microbead Hair Extensions?

Among all the options available, Microbead Hair Extensions are one of the most popular types and are largely preferred by consumers due to their simple yet effective use. Because of this, microbead hair extensions are becoming popular amongst top hair professionals as well and are even influencing the hair styles of world famous celebrities. They are applied using individual strands with the help of beads connected to the hair shaft. They feel very light and blend in perfectly with your natural hair.
They take about two hours for installation and are visibly impossible to differentiate from your natural hair even if they are tied up in a high pony tail. The hair strands applied to the extensions can be re-used and the micro beads can also be adjusted easily if they slip out of their place. Microbead extensions are completely damage-free as they do not involve any glue, heat, tape or sewing and are the best option if you want to be able to dye them and use styling products.
Why Hair Extensions from Lavadene?

Lavadene Hair Extensions Sydney is one of the most prominent names for the human hair extensions in Australia which provides you with a variety of hair extensions that suits your style and budget. Just walk into the store and pick out the extension that suits you best or order your extensions online to get them at your doorstep. Please understand that at Lavadene, we believe that healthy hair is the most critical requirement to ensure beautiful hair. We will never use products that haven’t been tested for absolute safety of use on your scalp and hair.