Hair extensions are a great solution for several hair troubles. It is suitable for various issues like short hair, low-volume hair, and also for hairstyling. Hair extensions can be used to give a new look to your hairstyle. Every time you step out of the house, you can carry a new look with the right hair extensions. These are a safe option to give thickness to your hair as they do not include any medical procedures that can leave side effects.

After using Permanent Hair Extensions

There are a variety of hair extensions available these days. The two broad types of hair extensions are permanent and non-permanent. These include sew-in, fusion, micro-ring, clip-in, and microbead hair extensions. Different types of hair extensions are for different purposes and suit different types of hair. What differentiates them is the way they are attached to the head. For example, sew-in type hair extensions are sown into the existing hair. Another category includes human hair and their synthetic counterparts. Although synthetic hair is cheaper, human hair is the preferred option because it offers a better quality of hair.

Permanent hair extensions are a great option if you have limp or short hair and want a long-term solution. The same effect can be achieved with the help of wigs but they are cumbersome to use on a daily basis. Permanent hair extensions are a more workable solution. They are of different types. One type is the braided extensions and weaves. This type includes the process of manually attaching hair by sewing them in small braids to your own hair. This is the cheapest way to get permanent hair.


Second way is by hot and cold fusion. In this process the extension is glued to the head’s scalp. This method is called fusion bonding. This type gives natural looking, long-lasting extensions. The last type of permanent hair extensions is micro-loop. Micro-loop type hair is attached to your hair by attaching synthetic hair to small plastic loops. Your natural hair is pulled into loops that are tightened at the root of your scalp. This method is very simple and can be achieved both in salons and at home. Least amount of damage is done to your hair with this process.

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