The world has wholeheartedly accepted the trend of hair extensions––popular celebs like Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Pink have been seen flaunting these gorgeous extensions on number of occasions. Whether you want to add a degree of length to your hair or you want to enhance their volume, simply clip on these popular extensions to knockout your spectators with a new look almost every day.

Never feel left out or deprived of choice as there is a hair extension for everybody…

From wefts to micro-bead hair extensions, you’re most likely to find your fit without having to spend a fortune of your money in the entire process. People who are involved in this business have been constantly producing high-quality and affordable hair extensions for a long while. Have a look at the listed types to make a stylish and wise decision:

Well, the answer is simple: Since individual strands are attached to your hair using microbeads, these extensions are rightly referred as bonded micro extensions or microbead extensions.

Why should you opt for Microbead extensions?

Lightweight & Comfortable

When the web is flooded with all types of hair extension models, there raises a question: why choose a microbead extension? Choose it for its utmost comfortability. It’s quite easy to apply on your hair. It doesn’t involve the use of heat or any glue to stick to your crown. Moreover, it feels ultra-light on your head. Even if you’re carrying a bunch of well-aligned bead wefts on your head, it won’t weight down.

Ease of maintenance

The next best part of opting for a microbead hair extension is its ease of maintenance. A microbead hair extension doesn’t require frequent maintenance. You may book an appointment after every 6 weeks to get your hair fixed. Whether you get your hair tightened or get them tied up in a sleek pony tail, it’s all so easy with these easy-to-care hair extensions.

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