The thought of experimenting and playing around with one's hair is something all women tend to do. Every girl/woman longs for voluminous, shiny and bouncy hair. Apart from making the person extremely gorgeous, a nicely presented hair style gives immense confidence to the person sporting it. You know, it’s always nice to be noticed and appreciated and what woman would not want to be praised for her beauty. But sadly, not everyone is blessed with gorgeous looking long hair. People shell out a massive amount on cosmetics and beauty products hoping to achieve the desired hair length, color, density etc. but to no avail and end up damaging their curls by exposing it to a lot of chemicals.

For those looking for a simple solution to gain a few extra inches in the length of their hair, it is advisable to opt for Hair Extensions.

In simple terms, a hair extension involves taking additional hair (which can be both human and/or synthetic hair) and placing them on your head along with your natural hair using various methods. Some of these methods are Fusion (or Bonded) Hair Extensions, Tape-in Hair Extensions, Weave (or Sew-in) Hair Extensions, micro bead extensions to name a few.

Clip in hair- A revolutionary concept in hair extensions:

Clip in hair extensions are no doubt the most popular extensions available in the market for achieving natural, healthy and fabulous looking sensational hair.

It is an ideal way to stay free of any permanent bonding or attachments

Instantly adds volume and length.

A point that works in its favor is that these extensions have the best hold and are relatively cheaper.

Difficult to make out because it blends well to suit numerous hairstyles.

Plenty of choices in terms of length, style, texture and color to choose from. Also available in synthetic and human hair options.

Easy to play with: Treat your newly found hair just as your own. This means either wash them, comb them, dry them, cut and style them or do whatever you want to do with them.

Few pointers to keep in mind:

These extensions are extremely easy to add or remove without breaking a sweat. Therefore, you can put it on all by yourself. But if you are relatively new and want to avoid any risk it is advisable to seek a professional's help and advice. is a leading online retailer of original human hair extensions and extensions related accessories. A veteran in this niche, they are known to consistently deliver elegant, modern and natural looking hair for years.