Are there times when you are not satisfied with your look and the main cause for that is your hair? It’s no mystery that women are very particular about their hair and try to take great care of them. But not everyone is blessed with long, flowing, bouncy locks. This is what has paved the market for hair extensions. Lavadene is one the leading brands of hair extensions in Australia. We sell 100% original Remy human hair extensions.

What are Remy hair extensions?

Remy human hair are sourced from donors from around the world. It is valued for its resilience and flexibility. Remy Hair is considered to be of the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in uni-direction creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance.

Why go for Remy hair extensions?

Here are the reasons why Remy hair extensions are simply the best.

•    Remy hair can be straightened, curled, dyed and treated just like natural hair. This is because the cuticle is not stripped off in the manufacturing process.
•    This type of human hair extensions will last for a longer period of time and look natural even after long usage.
•    In contrast to synthetic wigs, Remy extensions can be washed and treated just like natural hair.
•    Remy hairs do not turn frizzy, as long as it is properly maintained and taken care of.
•    You can pick from a wide variety of colour and texture that matches your own as these hairs are donated by people of different countries like India, Malaysia, Nigeria etc.

What’s real what’s fake?

There are plenty of sellers selling fake Remy hair or which are not 100% original. Read ahead to know how you can differentiate between fake and real remy hair extensions.

•    The ends of the Remy hair have a slightly lighter shade than the top as with real human hair.
•    The feel along the hair is also an indication but you will need to know what to feel for.
•    It is also very light on the head and should have movement when the wind blows.

Lavadene has been a provider of Remy hair extensions for 10 years now and has a trusted name in the Australian market. The collection of hair extensions by Lavadene will enable you to try different looks and styles. We also provide special offers on all our products. Our extensions are quite cheap in comparison to skyrocketing prices offered by other sellers, but stay assured as our cheap hair extensions are best in quality. Lavadene’s collection of online hair extensions is quite extensive and everyone can find something suitable.