Are you looking for a permanent solution for the most natural looking hair extensions? Then you are on the right track! Tape Hair Extensions will be your best choice in life. No extra maintenance or shining beads and clips. Just flaunt your beautiful, heavy and glossy hair with these low-maintenance and affordable Tape Hair Extensions.

What exactly Tape Hair Extensions are?

Tape Hair Extensions will act like your fairy godmother if you are done with the rigorous task of clipping on the hair extensions. They are made up of 100% human hair and do not demand too much maintenance. They mix up easily with your original hair color and give you a more refined glamorous look. These tapes are transparent which will not try to flaunt themselves like beads or clips. Thus, they will look as if real hair while highlighting your scalp. You can easily remove these extensions by using glue remover. They render their services to you for about 2 months.

How do they work?

We will give you pre-taped hair extensions so that you won’t need to roam around in search of perfect wig or weave tape. You can sandwich your natural hair with these Tape Hair Extensions easily. You can hire a stylist if you find this task difficult for yourself.

Maintaining your Tape Hair Extensions - How?

It is difficult to wash your weave or wig tapes, therefore, it is recommended to wash your hair as usual. However, it is also recommended that you should be in a constant touch with your salon expert. They will guide you the minute techniques to maintain your taped-hair. To prevent hair loss from repeated removal and taping of hair extensions, it will be a good decision to buy 2 packs for re-installation.