Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Hair Extensions

Where do hair extensions come from?

Hair extensions are either Synthetic or Human Hair

What does Remy mean?

Remy hair is the highest quality hair you can purchase. Remy means that all the cuticles are in tact and the hair has not been stripped like other non remy hair . The Remy hair looks very natural and healthy.

2. About Clip Hair extensions

How long do Lavadene Clip Hair Extensions last?

Our Cip hair extensions generally last anywhere between 3-12 months depending on how often you wear them and how you take care of them.

How do I choose my hair colour when buying online?

All our images & photos on our website are actual real photos of hair extensions, so you can zoom up to see the photo and get a good Idea of the colour of extensions you are choosing. If you are still not sure you can upload a picture of your hair on our Free Colour Matching Service online. We will take a look at your photo and email you back the right colour choice for your hair colour.

How many pieces do the clip hair come in?

Our clip hair extensions come in a choice of: One Pce Full Head 3pce Full Head 7pce Full Head 8pce Full Head

What lengths do you sell for clip in hair extensions?

Our Clip hair extensions are available in the following lengths: 18 inches 20 inches 24 inches 26 inches

Can I straighten, colour and curl my clip in hair extensions?

Yes because our hair extensions are 100% human hair you can straighten, curl and colour your hair extensions

How often do I need to wash my clip hair extensions

You only need to wash your clip hair extensions on a need basis, depending how often you wear your clip hair extensions.

3. Permanent Hair Extensions

What type of permanent hair extensions do you offer?

    Lavadene Hair Extensions offer a wide range of permanent hair extensions including:
  • Microbead hair extensions
  • Tape hair extensions
  • Weft Hair Extensions

How do I decide which hair extensions method is best for me?

You can contact us by phone, email or visiting our salon and we will discuss with you the best option for your hair needs.

How often do I need to maintain my permanent hair extensions?

Hair Extensions normally need to be maintained or tightened every 6-8 weeks

What is the cost to maintain my hair extensions?

Cost for Weave tightening and Microbead weft tightening is around $60 Full head Cost for Individual tightening 100 strands is $150

Will permanent hair extensions damage my own hair?

No, as long as you look after your hair extensions and maintain them by visiting Lavadene Hair Extensions regularly to tighten your hair extensions

Can I still wash my hair with the extensions in my hair?

Yes you can wash your hair extensions just like your washing your natural hair.

Can I colour my own hair with the hair extensions in my hair?


Do we need to pre order extensions?

We stock all our hair extensions so there is no need to pre order.

Do you cut and blend the hair extensions to my own hair?

Yes we cut and blend in your hair extensions to blend into your own hair making it look very natural.

Are your team Qualified Hairdressers?

Yes we are qualified and trained hairdressers

Do you colour hair?

Yes we colour hair

4. Are Lavadene Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair?

Yes our hair extensions are 100% human hair

5. Who can Wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions are for all ages

6. Payments Method Accepted?

We accept payment method by: Credit Card Paypal Bank Transfer

7. Exchange & Refund

We gladly accept Exchange for wrong colour choice within 7days. Please read Terms & conditions